Your pup now has the chance to train with Melissa one on one during camp!

3 Mini Sessions during Day Camp.  At the end of the last session, Melissa will meet with you to go over techniques and work with you towards your training goals!  

Cost $225 plus the cost of Day Camp

Melissa DiBernardo is the premier central and northern NJ specialist in helping you with your canine behavior and training questions and needs. Melissa is there for you and your dog, providing the experienced assistance you need for your specific situation.

Dogs use a difference language than their human friends. That means training is learning how to communicate with your dog, as your dog learns how to communicate with you. This understanding is essential to build the trust and respect needed for a strong, happy, lasting relationship.

It is important to communicate effectively and to teach them what is expected in their environment. Without guidance, and clear consistent leadership, dogs will make up their own agenda, which leads to unwanted behaviors. They want to know what the rules are, and it is up to us to teach them right from wrong!

Every person and dog is different. There is not one way to solve any problem. I design and formulate my programs in such a way that targets the current behavioral issues. I will customize a training program that you and your dog are comfortable with and one that works for you. It is imperative to fulfill the mental and physical stimulation your dog needs to live a happy, healthy life.

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Puppy and Obedience Classes at the Studio Coming Soon!

Pricing for Private Dog Training

1 Session at The Studio $135

5 Sessions at The Studio $600 (Save $75)

1 Session at Your Home $200

5 Sessions at Your Home $900 (Save $100)